Our Views

This answers HOW we implement our vision. In ROSYTH, we view children as gifted, resilient, competent, inventive and energetic.

How we support Gifts in your child:
We teach by using and developing every area of gifting in your child; we recognize the giftedness of children.

How we support your child’s Interactions:
We encourage the social and emotional interactions of people in the environment for the co-construction of knowledge and relationships .

How we support your Family:
We collaborate and engage the parents , children, teachers, family and the community for “it takes a village to raise a child”.

How we support your child’s Teachers:
We train our teachers to reflect , research, plan, facilitate, observe, and encourage your child.

How we support your child’s Environment:
We plan for safe and purposeful learning spaces because we believe that environment is the third teacher

How we support Documentation of your child’s progress:
We document children’s experiences for opportunities to revisit, relate, reflect, and realize learning points.