Our Programme

Our unique early childhood programme for children aged 2-6 years emphasizes on the total development of the child.

Enhancing listening, expressing thoughts and feelings for verbal and non-verbal communication, cultivating a love for reading through:

Language Arts
Reading Programme
Computer Assisted Learning
Creative/ Logical Thinking
Speech & Drama
Home Science

Stimulating children’s natural curiosity about the world around them, sharpening sensory awareness through exploring, observing, touching, tasting and smelling through:

Exploratory Science
Sand and Water Play
Field Trips

Acquiring an understanding of concepts through:

Early Mathematics

Providing a wealth of learning and enjoyment opportunities, developing fine and gross motor skills, and promoting social skills through:

Physical Exercise
Gross/ Fine Motor Skills Development

Expressing emotions, auditory discrimination of melody, rhythm and dynamics through:

Creative Art and Craft
Music & Movement
Art Class